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Grip-It Press Reviews


    If anyone has played high adrenaline games for more than 20 minutes, then you’re probably familiar with being plagued by ‘sweaty thumbs’.  Well, our friends at CompuExpert have given us a solution they are calling Grip-iTs. As you may expect, Grip-iTs are tiny rubber covers that very tightly go over your analog thumb sticks.  Application of […]

  • What the F: Grip-iT slip prevention analog stick covers

    Here’s a thing that is really real. It’s called Grip-It. It’s a cover for the analog sticks of your PS3 or Xbox 360 controllers. A Gym Hat, I’m calling ‘em. They’re supposed to increase comfort and decrease slipping. Every gamer knows the hazards of their thumbs accidentally slipping off an analog stick during a game […]